Colorful Swirling Landscapes Made With Polymer Clay

Artist Alisa Lariushkina (previously) of LiskaFlower creates incredible swirling landscapes using air-dried polymer clay. Lariushkina’s landscapes are reminiscent of those by Vincent Van Gogh in both style and color, though hers are three-dimensional. Lariushkina stated that she began using this medium in 2015.

I make figures and framed landscapes of clay. I developed my own style in 2015. I use various materials for sculpting: air-dry clay, paper clay, acrylic paints, crystals, and beads. …I can tell you that I came to it quite spontaneously. …Since then I improved technology, found the best materials, and made my products more durable and of better quality. I have made a lot of designs and still do new ones.

via My Modern Met

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