Centaur Bike

Man Turns Tandem Bike Into the ‘Centaur of Attention’

Centaur Bicycle

Kyle Scheele, an author who is on a mission to build a better world, used a white tandem bicycle that he bought several years ago to build a Centaur Bike, making him the “Centaur of Attention”.

Scheele removed the rear seat and painstakingly built a back half of a horse out of wood. After ensuring that the horse legs would rotate with the pedal, Scheele painted the horse a nice brown color. He then dressed in pants of the same shade and rode around his neighborhood looking like the legendary half-man, half-horse riding a bicycle.

A few years ago I bought a tandem bicycle, and immediately I thought “What if I took off the back seat and put the back half of a horse there instead? It would look like a centaur was riding the bike!”

Back Half of Horse Centaur Bike
Centaur Bike

via Born in Space

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