NYU Track Star Outruns the New York City Subway

Jon Diáz, a student track star at New York University, took up the challenge by BuzzFeed to outrun the New York City subway system. For this race, Diáz, who was wearing a body camera, rode the train to the Chambers Street stop along the 2-3 train, climbed up to the street, and met the train at the next stop at and Park Place. While the distance is short, the train doesn’t move in a straight line between those stops.

A person with a body cam gets out of the subway, runs to the next stop, and gets onto that same subway. …Even though the route we chose today is pretty short there’s a lot of twisty turns. Stairs – I think are going to be a big problem.

Diáz completed the task with very little problem, although he was a bit out of breath when he got back on the train.

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